Audio Blog: How To Write a Non-Fiction Book Proposal That Sells (Even if You Self Publish)

by Yvonne Bynoe on August 14, 2010

In this week’s audio blog I’m going to discuss why you need a book proposal, even if your goal is to self-publish.

One of the main differences between fiction and non-fiction is how books are sold to publishers.  In fiction the completed manuscript is the determinant of whether or not the author gets a book deal.  In non-fiction, the book proposal is the critical factor. 

In fiction the publisher is judging the quality of your writing and how engaging is your story.  In non-fiction the publisher is judging your book idea and your ability to present your information in an interesting way that compels people to buy your book..

Even if you are not interested in a traditional book deal and plan to self-publish a proposal can still be a very useful tool to help you to map your strategy for writing and marketing your book.

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Photo Credit: Ian Mutoo

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