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One of the complaints that hear over and over from women coaches, solo-entrepreneurs and small business owners is that their market is “over-saturated.”   They feel that with some many people doing the same thing as them, it’s difficult to attract clients. 

Often they think that they’ll solve this problem by copying what the “gurus” or successes in their industry are doing. The only problem is that everyone one else has the same idea—it become like a herd.  When you follow the herd, potential clients can’t tell you from the next business coach, attorney, social media expert or yoga instructor. This is when you end up cutting your prices to stay competitive.

Although there are marketing principles that you should definitely master, you should also what to learn how to STAND OUT in your field. 

What can you highlight or focus on that sets you apart from the other people doing similar work. When you learn how to stand out, you’ll consistently attract clients who love you and will have no problem paying your fees





If you spend any time online, you know that there are always conversation about why women coaches, solo-entrepreneurs and small business owners struggle to build successful businesses.  I firmly believe that they struggle primarily because they’re not willing to value their expertise and do what’s necessary to represent themselves as a professional

Marketing matters, but first you’ve got to be willing to be visible to potential clients, make priorities relating to your time and most important, create a vision for your business.

Without a vision, you don’t have a way to judge what marketing strategies are best for you and your business.  It’s why women are doing a LOT of “marketing” but not having great results.

This week I’m sharing my Marketing Super Heroines interview that I did recently which covers a LOT of ground, including:

Why smart, accomplished women find it difficult to promote their own businesses

How you can stop comparing yourself to other women and instead learn how you can stand out in your field

The reason why investing in support is not a luxury if you want to be seen as a credible professional and earn more in your business

Why I hate the word “overwhelm.” The difference between being busy and being productive.

The importance of shifting your mindset so that you can accomplish your business goals

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