Most women entrepreneurs fail because their goals are too small.

It sounds crazy but it’s true.

One of the reasons that we have dreams is because they point us toward our destiny.  However in order to reach it, you have to grow into it. You have to be willing to step into unknown territories— see yourself differently and then do things differently.

What most women do however is to dream small.

They focus on what they already know how to do.  Since they aren’t required to “stretch” themselves, they’re not really moving toward their purpose.  Consequently they put in a lot of work for only a little result.  So despite saying that you want to earn more money, you stay in your comfort zone. You want different results from doing the same exact thing.

This is why many women don’t see much progress after enrolling in group coaching programs.  When it comes time to for them to implement what they’ve learned they freeze. Since there’s no one to help them to navigate their fear and self-doubt, they backslide into their old habits.

To dream big means that you’re pursuing a new goal, something that you’ve NEVER done before.  In seeking that goal you have to step out on faith and do the scary things.   The pay off is not just the goal itself (more money, more clients, more influence) but also the woman who you become on the journey.

We’ve been taught to settle for less.  To dream–but don’t dream TOO big.  If our quest to be “realistic” or “practicable” we’ve made our desires wrong.  It’s the reason why we don’t truly believe that we can have more, even when presented with opportunities or evidence that it’s possible. It seems to far-fetched; earning great money AND doing what you love to do.

There are women who step out in faith and who change their circumstances. These are the ones who earn a LOT more money, and who live their desires, however we explain it by saying that they’re lucky or even selfish.  In truth they are doing what they’re meant to do. They are growing their lives and living their purpose.|

How would you life look if you gave yourself permission to dream BIG?

Would you finally find the time and the money to do the things that you truly desired if you BELIEVED that you could actually have what you really wanted.  No desire is bad….so whether its being able to wear Louboutins or having the money to fund a school in a disadvantaged community, your desire is part of your journey.

Small, reasonable, practical discussion typically keep us where you’re at.  They’re fear-based choices. Choices based on lack and scarcity. Choices based on your disbelief in your own greatness. It’s also undergirded that the Universe is limited and only a few people get the bounty. (Not a very spiritual interpretation of the world).

What would happen if you could earn what you made last month in one day?  How would you life change?  It’s possible, if you believe it’s possible for YOU.

Whether your desire is to…..
have  more time,
earn more money,
gain more knowledge on how to monetize your expertise
feel more confidence to go out into the world and reach more people

I encourage you to give yourself permission to dream bigger, and I’d like to help you.  I have a few spots open for my 1 Day Client & Clients Intensive. I invite you to book your Complimentary Discovery Session  to learn how I can support you in dreaming bigger and creating the life and business that you truly want.

Be Inspired. Think Big. Take Action 

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It cost you nothing to talk to me to learn what’s possible for your life and your business.  However, you will walk about with a clear idea about how you can really attain what you want and stop settling for what you think that you can have

Wishing you love and abundance,

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Do you need to hit rock bottom before you succeed?

by Yvonne Bynoe on July 18, 2015

Have you noticed that it’s common for a rich and famous person to say that before things turned to gold that they were barely hanging on? Financial ruin, professional oblivion, a health crisis or the death of a loved often seem to happen before the “big break”. It begs the question:

Do you have to hit rock bottom in order to become a success?

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling lived with depression and at one point was so broke that she received government assistance to support herself and her daughter. Her first Harry Potter novel was also rejected by 12 publishers. Now, her income is estimated at $1 billion primarily from the royalties she is receiving from her books and from the Harry Potter franchise. Harry Potter brand is said to be worth $15 billion. Harry Potter is thehighest-grossing film series of all-time with recorded world box office sales of $7.7 billion.

Actor Marlon Brando had developed such a bad reputation in Hollywood for being high maintenance and difficult to work with Paramount Films executives declared that they wouldn’t hire for the film, The Godfather. Director Francis Ford Coppola continued to pressed them about casting Brando as Don Corleone. Paramount relented on the condition that to be “considered” Brando had to do a screen test (a big diss for an actor of his stature) and put up a bond (to ensure that they didn’t lose money if he didn’t show up). He showed up and the rest is movie history.

It was the illness and the subsequent death of Iylana Vanzant’s daughter that prompted her to write the book, Peace from Broken Pieces: How to Get Through What You’re Going Through. The book details how the New York Times best-selling author ended up flat broke in foreclosure and suicidal. Her 37-year relationship also ends in divorce by e-mail. The book helped her to get back on her feet financially and paved the way for a public reconciliation with Oprah. She now has a popular show, Iylana, Fix My Life on OWN, a new dream home and a thriving romantic relationship.

There’s no spiritual law that says that suffering is necessary to achieve success.

The requirement to first hit rock bottom is a human trait. We hate change. We get comfortable in mediocre, or even bad situations. We repeatedly ignore the signs that trouble’s coming or that we’re going the wrong way. Why? Because we have want to keep doing what we’re doing. It’s not until you hit rock bottom that you’re forced to do the thing that you’ve had long avoided—change your thinking and behavior.

The easiest way to avoid the “hit rock bottom BEFORE success” route is to pay attention to the signals that you’re receiving from your life and take action. Disaster doesn’t typically strike in an instant. In most cases you’ve received several warnings before you get knocked on your arse.

This means that if your business is on life support, the worse thing that you can, you do is sit
around for another 6 or 12 months “hoping” that things will miraculously turn around

Your lack of clients is a sign. Your lack of income is a sign. Your tendency to attract difficult or unmotivated clients is a sign. You attracting people who consistently want free advice is a sign. It’s also a sign if you’re making decent money but you’re always feeling stressed out, tired or emotionally drained.

However, if in the face of these signs your response is “I can’t afford to hire help” or “I can’t find the time to market” or “I hate selling,” you’re making a conscious decision to ignore the writing on the wall and “hit rock bottom.”

I want to be clear, there’s no “magic bullet.” It’s not about enrolling in another group program or buying another program (that you don’t complete). To create more income and more clients or to work less means that you’re going to have to change how you think and do business. You have to BECOME the women who earns $5K, $10K, or $20K a month, or the woman who works 4 days a week while earning $75K a year. You don’t do that by implementing yet another marketing, branding or social media tactic.

You get on the path of success by first doing some internal exploration that will then led you to the “right” marketing strategy and business structure for YOU to manifest the clients and income that you desire, way that YOU want to do it

Here are some questions to start your internal digging:

1. Do you know WHY you’re starting a business?
It has to be more than making money. You have to a burning desire either— personal or professional that will motivate you to stay the course when you hit the inevitable rough patches. How specifically does your business contribute to the betterment of you or your family (make a list). How do you want to  impact your field or a particular group of people with your work?

2. Do you have the time to be a coach or entrepreneur?
The truth is that some women don’t have the time. If you have a demanding day job and/or small children you may not be able to find the 30-35 hours a week that you need to build and promote your business. Some women are able to pull it off because they have support in the form of a spouse, relatives/friends or paid help. If you don’t currently have support are you willing to ask for help or pay for it to make your dream happen? If not, you’re setting yourself up for a fall.

3. Do you have the right business model?

If you don’t like working 1 on 1 with clients, don’t do it. If you don’t like teaching online courses, don’t do it. Too many women jump on a bandwagon without first deciding whether or not it’s a good fit for them. You can’t copy someone else’s success, you’ve got to create your own. It’s your job to figure out the way that you’re BEST SUITED to spread your message and then learn how to connect regularly with the people who  need what you offer.

4. Do you have hang-ups about money?
If you have a love/hate relationship with money or have a difficult time asking for it, you can’t expect to receive much of it from clients. If you desire to serve people at a higher level you have to be willing to get rid of your money story and see money for what it is—a tool of exchange. The magic happens when you and your potential client agree on the “value” of the solution that you’re offering. This not about “selling” but you being an confident and authentic leader, who attracts your ideal clients. Remember, you can’t transform someone’s life until they say YES to working with you.

5. Do you have the desire to grow yourself?
You can’t get to the next level with your current thinking and actions. This means being willing to regularly invest in yourself and your business. If reading a book were enough, you’d already have the business that you want. Growth combines a commitment to receiving training and personalized feedback to be an effective leader who can confidently and masterfully guide your clients to achieve their desired results. It also means being willing to spend money to create a client experience that complements your deep transformational work.



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